I help middle school & high school teachers, like you, create art rooms built for student growth & creative expression
even if they don’t have a background in art!

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“Creativity is as important as literacy.”

~Sir Ken Robinson


Are you:

  • A first year teacher trying to marry your amazing skills as an artist with the skills needed for teaching art?
  • A classroom teacher who is expected to teach art on top of all the responsibilities of the contained classroom?
  • An art teacher who’s just returned after a break and looking for ways to balance home and school life?
  • An experienced teacher who wants to up your digital game?

I'm here to help!


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“Increased self-confidence and self-understanding, enhanced communication skills, and improved cognition are among the many reasons for teaching the arts.”


Kristina and her two sons

About Me:

Lots people call me Mrs. Toolan, most people call me Kristina, but my favorite little people call me Mom!

I’ve been teaching art and digital media in the classroom for nearly 25 years. I started in the trenches at a large public middle school. Now, I am the only art teacher for a small Catholic high school. Here, I teach classes ranging from Introduction to Art through Advanced Placement Art & Design®. With a background in design, my art room is a technology rich space with lots of opportunity for digital drawing, graphic design, web design, digital media design, and more!

Teaching is a lifestyle…teaching art is my passion! I hope to share my passion with  you!

Let's find the Creative Art Teacher within you!

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