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Welcome! I am a Pennsylvania Level II, tenured art teacher with experience in both private and public art classrooms. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from Marywood University, Scranton, Pa and completed over 30 graduate credits at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pa. 

I currently teach studio art and digital media at a private high school. My curriculum consists of both prescribed and advanced elective classes. I’ve been teaching AP Art & Design and Digital Media classes for more than 15 years. I work hard to create a choice based learning environment for my students once we’ve covered basic techniques and concepts.

Prior to my current teaching position, I taught for eight years in a large public middle school in Chester County, Pa where my classroom curriculum focused on a Disciplined Based approach to Art Education. 

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I’d love to share my secrets on supplies, teaching styles, the secrets to teaching art to middle school & high school students, grading, and exhibiting student artwork!

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