Looking for a graphic designer? I have nearly 20 years of professional graphic design experience. Located outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania, I’d love to work with you on your personal graphic design project!

Welcome! I completed my graduate studies at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia soaking up as much as I could about print and web design.

As my skill set grew, so did my opportunities. I left the classroom for a brief time and was really proud to land an internship at a local magazine. Here I was able to apply this knowledge in real world applications. When I returned to the classroom, I was eager to share this knowledge with my high school students and been for the past 15 years.

In addition to teaching various aspects of digital media, I have also worked closely with my administration to build the entire brand of the private high school where I teach. This experience includes acting as web master, social media content creator, and print marketing design. I’d love to share this expertise with you on your personal design project.

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