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Art Teacher Survival Guide

5 Powerful Tips for a Dynamic art room!

I’d love to share my secrets on teaching art to middle school & high school students.

Learn more about my can’t live without supplies, preferred teaching styles, and info on  grading, and exhibiting student artwork!

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Best Weekly Planner for Busy Moms

There was a time when I could barely keep a paper calendar on the refrigerator. I’m still trying to let go of that time I forgot the “Hop a Thon” permission slip for daycare!

A shared Google calendar on our iPhones became life changing for my husband and me…trust me, it helps so much! This weekly planner for use with iPad/iPhone and the Good Notes or Notability app has been even bigger game changer for our family… and my sanity!

It’s here for free as a my gift for stopping by…I hope you find it useful and helpful:-)

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