Color Wheels with Stippling – Grades 6-12


Grade Levels

6th – 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Homeschool

Math, Visual Arts, Engineering
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PowerPoint Presentations, Projects
Zip file – 60 pages



What are STEM, STEAM, and STREAM? They are an opportunity for your students to use iteration, cooperative learning skills to apply knowledge from Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math!

This Stippling & Color Wheel Unit covers STEM/STEAM/STREAM with Design Process thinking and geometry concepts demonstrated and explained.

Elements of Art & Principles of Design are used to explain how a successful composition is built. Stippling, cross-hatching, and scumbling are demonstrated and incorporated into the overall unit scope.

Basic color theory and color mixing round out the unit to create an exhibit-worthy WOW piece of original choice-based artwork.

Unit overview – 20-day Scope & Sequence included

Students will create original artwork that contains strong composition containing a circle for the color wheel. Students will also add value using the stippling technique.

4 opportunities for Formative Assessment

2 opportunities for Summative Assessment

Video instruction: 30+ minutes of directed instruction – links found in Color Wheel overview

Ideal for Grades 6 through 12classroom group instruction, or distance learning.


  • Elements of Art & Principles of Design Handout
  • Elements of Art & Principles of Design PDF presentation – Wassily Kandinsky artwork
  • PowerPoint/Slides template to be used with additional artwork analysis
  • Artwork Analysis worksheet – E & P application with “I see, I know, I wonder” activity
  • Design Process worksheet
  • Design Process poster – Color STREAM, black and white STREAM, color STEAM, and black and white STEAM
  • Stippling, Cross Hatching, and Scumbling worksheet
  • Stippling, Cross Hatching, and Scumbling video demonstrations and time-lapse links
  • Color and basic color theory PDF presentation with a project overview
  • Color and basic color theory worksheet
  • Color wheel poster with primary, secondary, tertiary colors and color relationships
  • Reflection questions


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