Photography Basics Lesson Plan


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Photography Basics Lesson Plan

This unit is intended for classroom teachers who want students to use personal smartphones to discover the beauty of artful photography. It is intended as an introduction to moving from basic snapshots into more artful compositions. In my class, this unit is a precursor to larger concepts involving Adobe Photoshop.


All materials needed are included except personal smartphones.


This unit should take approximately (10) 40-minute class periods.

Unit Plan includes:

PDF presentation reviewing best practices for basic smartphone camera use as well

8 composition rules to discuss and apply.

Formative Assessment: Classroom Pair & Share activity

Summative Assessment: Photography Portfolio applying concepts of composition rules


Black/white reproducible Tips for Smartphone Photography

Black/white reproducible Composition “Quick Guide”

Color Composition “Quick Guide”

Multi Use “Important Photographers” Worksheet

An editable PDG document that can be reused several times depending on the photographer chosen – Choice Based with potential for jigsaw presentation activities upon completion

Formal Standards Based lesson plan is NOT included


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