Photography Vision Board


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This unit is intended for classroom teachers who want students to use personal smartphones to discover the beauty of artful photography. This is a great activity for goal setting, “back to school,” or return after New Year’s. It is intended as an introduction to basic composition and how to build compositions based on the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. It can be done in the classroom or completely remote in a digital/distance learning setting.


All materials needed are included except personal smartphones.


This unit should take approximately (5) 40-minute class periods.

Included in the unit plan

PDF presentation explaining expectations and daily goals to accomplish the activity.

Microsoft PowerPoint Template for student submission (GOOGLE Slide compatible.)

Formative Assessment: Reflection questions

Summative Assessment: Completed Project


  • Black/white reproducible Tips for Smartphone Photography
  • Black/white reproducible Composition “Quick Guide”
  • Color Composition “Quick Guide”

For more photography, check out Photography Basics Lesson Plan

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