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I help middle school & high school teachers, like you, create art rooms built for student growth & creative expression even if YOU don’t have a background in art!

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Are you:

  • A first year teacher trying to marry your amazing skills as an artist with the skills needed for teaching art?
  • A classroom teacher who is expected to teach art on top of all the responsibilities of the contained classroom?
  • An art teacher who’s just returned after a break and looking for ways to balance home and school life?
  • An experienced teacher who wants to up your digital game?

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“I was blown away by the student’s completed work. I loved how each step was broken down and easy for students to follow.”

~Jordan B., TPT customer

“My students loved using this resource as it had clear step-by-step photo directions. The mini lesson on shading was very valuable that they will be able to use in other areas of art.”

~ Kelly W., TPT customer

Graphic of sample pages within the free resource

I’d love to share my secrets on teaching art to middle school & high school students.

Learn more about my can’t live without supplies, preferred teaching styles, and info on grading, and exhibiting student artwork!

Be sure to check your email for your survival guide!

“I used this resource in our weekly photography club to help students improve their smartphone photography skills. It was great to have a guide on what to discuss and when so that the kids could slowly build up their skills.”

~ Lauren I., TPT customer

Art Education Experience

I am a Pennsylvania Level II, tenured art teacher with experience in both private and public art classrooms. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from Marywood University, Scranton, Pa and completed over 30 graduate credits in digital media/ graphic design at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pa. 

I currently teach fine art and digital media at a private high school. My curriculum consists of both prescribed and advanced elective classes. I’ve been teaching AP Art & Design and Digital Media classes for more than 15 years. I work hard to create a choice based learning environment for my students once we’ve covered basic techniques and concepts.

Prior to my current teaching position, I taught for eight years in a large public middle school in Chester County, Pa where my classroom curriculum focused on a Disciplined Based approach to Art Education. 

I hope my teaching products make your classroom life easier! 

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